Ananias, God’s Faithful Servant

  • By: Fun Lesson Guy
  • Date: 11/09/2022
  • Time to read: 22 min.

Fun Bible Lesson for Kids – Text: Acts 9:9-19 Click to view the PDF version and print

Leader Overview

Ananias could not believe what God told him in a vision—Saul is praying right now, go lay hands on him in prayer so he can see again!
But, but, but God! The early Christians knew that Saul was on a mission to destroy the new Christian church by arresting and jailing as many of Jesus’ followers as he could find.
Yet, Ananias was faithful. He overcame his doubt and fear to obey God. Ananias immediately went to Saul and prayed for him! Saul regained his sight, was baptized in water, and soon afterward, began to boldly preach the Gospel!
The courageous role that Ananias played cannot be minimized or overlooked. It is an inspiring example of what God will equip us to do when we put our faith and trust solely in Him.

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Pivot Object

Sunglasses (Preferably a fun, whacky pair to grab kid’s interest

Put the sunglasses on
Greetings to all and welcome!
I am not sure why some of you are looking at me kind of funny. Oh… it must be these glasses, right?  Raise your hand if you’ve worn sunglasses before. A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunglasses also help block the bright light of the sun so you can see better.  

I wonder what glasses like this have to do with today’s lesson; any ideas? 
We can talk about the sunglasses a little later in the Bible story. 

Now, it’s time to pray for God’s blessings and welcome His presence in our class today.  


Now, let’s pray for God’s blessings and presence in our class today.
Dear God, thank You for this time together, it is a gift from You to learn more about You and the rewards of being faithful and obedient. We welcome Your presence today and ask that You help us to learn to trust You no matter what is going on. We will learn today that when we do, You will do amazing things through us!  
Optional: ask for personal prayer requests and pray for any important events or happenings locally and globally.   

In Jesus’ faithful name we pray, Amen

Pivot Presentation

Pivot Point: God can trust me when I am faithful.

Pivot Trait: Faithful – to be reliable, trustworthy, and dependable.

Pivot Verse: He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to Him. Proverbs 2:8 NLT 

Whiteboard and marker 
Optional: Create a PowerPoint/Keynote slide of the Pivots    

Write the Pivot Point, Trait and Verse in large letters on the whiteboard. 

Read a Pivot aloud and have the children repeat it together.

To be faithful is to be reliable, trustworthy, and true to your word. If you say you will do something, you can be trusted to follow through. 

God is looking for faithful followers He can count on even when it isn’t easy or convenient. When we are faithful, God can use us to do amazing things for Him.

Pivot Game – Relay

Painter’s tape or masking tape (painter’s tape is more expensive but easier to remove. Often comes in blue or green colors. 
Medium-sized boxes, containers or clean trash cans
Sheets of paper (at least 2 per kid, use recycled paper whenever possible)

Set up the course per the illustration. Adjust measurements as necessary to the room size
Divide the class into 2 teams 
Have kids crush the sheets of paper into individual balls
Place the balls randomly behind the toss line.
Both teams use the same pile of balls
Teams make two separate lines behind the Start Line.

Game Setup

Present and Play!
Our lesson is about being faithful to complete a mission. God gave instructions to Ananias. Because he was faithful, Saul was healed and became a follower of Jesus.

Some missions that God gives us are very big and important. But many are smaller, everyday tasks and situations to demonstrate our faithfulness. I am going to give you a fun mission. I need these paper balls cleaned up – this room is a mess!

All of the balls must be thrown into the boxes for the mission to be successfully completed! Can I count on you to do that? The team with the most balls in their box wins.

Choose a volunteer from each team to gather the “missed” balls around the boxes at your signal to bring them back behind the Toss Line to toss again. Pause the game until the volunteer’s mission is completed. Then, start the game again.

This is a relay game. Players take their turn and then return to the end of the line.
The first player for each team walks quickly to the toss line, picks up a ball and tosses it at tosses it toward their team’s box and then quickly walks back to the start line.

When the player reaches the start line, the next player for that team takes a turn. Continue this process until all of the balls are in the boxes 

Stop the game. Count the balls in each team’s box. The team with the most balls wins. 
If time allows, play additional rounds! 

Play Option
Play as one large group to work to complete the mission. The game is played with one box for a set amount of time. Play as above to see how many balls make it in the box before time expires. Play at least two rounds for the highest round score.

Sometimes God calls us to work alone, like Ananias. Sometimes He calls us to work as a team with others. Either way, it is important to be obedient and faithful!

Bible StoryOn a (Wrong) Mission
Acts 9:1-19

Two small bottles of water
Bowl or container large enough to hold one bottle of water
Rag for spills
Optional: table
Sunglasses from Pivot Object

Read the text to become familiar with the story. 

Our Bible story today is about a faithful man of God named Ananias. He loved Jesus and followed Him. God counted on Ananias to play an important part in changing Saul’s life. 

Saul was a Jewish leader who loved God but did not believe Jesus was the Son of God. He actually traveled to city after city in search of Christians so he could arrest them.

Saul went to the Jewish priests and leaders of the church. He received permission from them to travel to the city of Damascus to find and arrest any Christians. Saul believed he was on a mission for God, but Saul was mistaken! 

Put on the sunglasses 
Saul’s life was about to change in a very dramatic way! 

The road to Damascus

As Saul was traveling to Damascus a bright light from Heaven flashed in the sky! Have you ever looked straight into a camera flash, the sun at noon, or maybe into a bright light bulb at night? By the way, we should never stare directly into the sun! 

What happens when you look at a bright light?  It is difficult to see clearly for a while, right? You probably see different colored spots too.  

Well, this light was MUCH brighter; it was an explosion of light! The Bible calls God the Father of Lights (James 1:17) – in fact, He is light! (1 John 1:5). Jesus called Himself the Light of the World (John 8:12). So, knowing this, imagine how bright it was! 

The light was so intense that Saul was blinded and he fell to the ground.
Remove the sunglasses

Of course, there weren’t sunglasses in Bible times, but even if Saul had sunglasses, they would have been useless in this bright light!          

As Saul lay on the ground, he heard Jesus’ voice. Jesus asked Saul why he was fighting against Him. 

Then Jesus told him to go into the city of Damascus and wait for further instructions!  The guards riding with Saul were shaken and speechless. They heard a voice but saw no one!

Saul stood up and was blind. His guards led him by the hand to Damascus. What a humbling experience for a proud leader! For three days, Saul didn’t eat or drink. Imagine being Saul; what would you be thinking? 

Pick up one water bottle and the empty container.   
Saul didn’t believe Jesus was God’s Son. Now, Jesus is talking to him from heaven! Everything Saul believed was suddenly wrong! He thought he was obeying God, but he was doing the opposite – fighting against God and His Son, Jesus!

Turn over the bottle and empty it into the container as you talk.   
Saul’s world was turned upside down! Everything he believed was emptied out when he encountered Jesus.  

Hold up the empty bottle.  
Saul sat alone in total darkness. A once-powerful, proud, confident man with a passion and purpose was now helpless and shaken. But God had big plans for Saul; He was about to send him on new missions!

God had a faithful servant named Ananias. God called to him by name and spoke to Him in a vision.

Now here is where it gets really cool. God had a faithful servant named Ananias. God called to him by name and spoke to Him in a vision. A vision is like a dream – but you are awake! He couldn’t see God but Ananias recognized God’s voice.   

God told Ananias that He had given Saul a vision too! In the vision, In the vision, Saul saw Ananias coming to lay hands on him and pray so he could see again!  

God didn’t say, Saul, look, I am trying to find someone to come and pray for you, I’ve asked a few people and I am waiting to hear back. Hopefully one of them will obey. NO! 

God trusted Ananias so much that He not only told Saul someone was coming to pray for him, He told Saul the name… ANANIAS!  God KNEW that Ananias was faithful and he could trust him to obey.

Pivot Point: God can trust me to be faithful.    

Now – understandably, Ananias had a few questions. He probably thought and said something like (paraphrased) Saul …Saul of Tarsus, the one who hates and arrests Christians. I’ve heard stories about the terrible things he does. This is where I am going, are you kidding me?

God told Ananias that He had big plans for Saul. He had chosen Saul to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone, including kings! 

That was all Ananias needed to hear. Though he didn’t fully understand, and even when he must have been shocked and afraid, Ananias was faithful and chose to obey God!    

Pivot Point: God can trust me to be faithful.      

Choose a volunteer to stand beside you. Place the blindfold on the volunteer. 

Ananias found Saul waiting in the house on Straight Street. 

Lightly place your hand on the top of the volunteer’s head. 

Ananias placed his hands on Saul and said, “Brother Saul, the Lord—Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here—has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 9:17)

Have the volunteer remove the blindfold and drop it on the ground.  

Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized. Saul ate and was strong again! 

Hold up the full water bottle.
Saul’s life was completely changed. He was a new creation in Christ! All of his old, inaccurate beliefs were emptied out and he was now full of the truth—JESUS!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says: This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Saul still was on the hunt for people. But this time it wasn’t to arrest them—it was to tell them about God’s Son, Jesus!

Ananias trusted God who is always faithful. God knew He could trust Ananias to be faithful! 

Personal Pivot

Party horn or noisemaker

Do you have any questions about today’s Bible story? 
Let’s discuss how can we apply the Bible story to our lives today.  

God called Ananias by name. God knows your name too!

Do you think God speaks to people today; and if so, how or in what ways?
When God speaks, most likely it won’t be a loud booming voice but instead, a gentle voice in your heart or spirit. He most often speaks to you through His Word in the Bible.

Do you think if God spoke to you today, you would recognize His voice? Has He spoken to you before?
Have you ever felt that God has spoken to you in a busy (or chill time) and you ignored His voice or thought, not right now, maybe later?   

Does God see you as faithful? God count on you? Can He trust that you will complete an important mission even if you don’t fully understand or are afraid?

Could God confidently speak your name to someone? Like Ananias, could God tell someone that you are coming to help them even before you respond?        

There are times I eagerly answer God’s voice. There are also times I am not eager to respond because I am busy. In those times, I ask God to forgive me.

An important thing to remember when serving God is this: don’t pat yourself on the back or toot your own horn! Be humble. Ananias didn’t call attention to himself!   

Blow the horn.
Ananias faithfully and quietly did what God asked him to do with no fanfare.   

What is your biggest takeaway(s) from this story? Has it changed your thinking somehow?
Here is a Bible verse to remember about God that can encourage us:

If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny who He is. 2 Timothy 2:13 NLT

Even when we let God down and don’t respond to His voice, it doesn’t change our relationship with Him. God loves us no matter what and remains faithful to us; He is who He is. He cannot change!

There will be times that we drop the ball and don’t respond to God’s voice. In those times, God is faithful to forgive; He will never cast us aside.

Pivot Point: God can trust me to be faithful.   

Object Lesson

Push Pin (giant size if possible)

As we said before, God knew exactly where Ananias and Saul were. He told Ananias the street and even the exact house where He had sent Saul to wait for him! 

Hold up a Push Pin (Don’t stick yourself! :-)) 

Have you seen an online map with push pins to mark different locations? The pins help us find the location of a house, business, or other places.    

Maybe you have even seen an actual wall map with pins pushed into it to mark various locations. God didn’t need a map in our Bible story to find Ananias or Saul. Today, God doesn’t use Google Maps or any other online App to find you or someone that needs His help.    

God knows exactly where you are at all times; in fact, He knows everything about you! He is by your side wherever you go! (Psalm 139:1-10) 

No, God doesn’t use push pins to keep track of His faithful followers that He can count on. But, if He did, would there be one for you? Would there be one for me?     

What do you think would have happened in the Bible story if Ananias refused to go?
What do you think happens today, if we choose not to respond to God?

God still has work in this world to do. He needs followers like you and me that He can count on to do what He asks. Can God count on you?

Pivot Posts

Pencils, crayons, washable markers
Whiteboard and marker

On the whiteboard write: Ananias, Saul, Saul’s guard, Jesus, God
Download or print the PIVOT POST PAGE PDF from the link
Make one copy for each child plus extras

Give each child a PIVOT POST PAGE and a pencil (markers or crayons)
Chances are, you are familiar with or use social network Apps and platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  

These social platforms enable you to post your thoughts about anything at any time. Friends and followers can see your Instagram post or Twitter “tweet”. 

Twitter is used mainly for sharing ideas, thoughts and reactions to news and events.  Instagram is primarily used for sharing photos and videos. 

So, let’s have some fun with this. You are going to imagine you are one of the main characters in the Bible story. Then you will share a picture or write a short post from their point of view or perspective.  

Pick one or more characters in the story:

  1. Ananias   
  2. Saul 
  3. Saul’s guard  
  4. Jesus
  5. God 

For each post or tweet, imagine you ARE that character in the story.  What would you want to communicate to your followers? You can create up to four different posts or tweets on the phone screen page. 

Perhaps do two serious and two funny ones. Post a picture, a short message or both!   

Here are some examples: 

God: I Just gave a vision to Ananias and Saul at the same time – fun!   

God: I have BIG plans for Saul! 

Saul: I just met Jesus – He IS God’s Son – trust me!    

Saul: I was blind, now I can see again! 

Ananias: You won’t believe who I am about to meet!

Ananias: Believe it or not, Saul is a follower of Jesus now!   

Jesus: I just rocked Saul’s world. He has no clue what’s about to happen!

Saul’s guard: I just took Saul to Damascus – He’s blind and acting strange!   

You could draw a picture of Saul’s encounter with Jesus. You could draw a picture of Ananias laying hands on Saul or Saul being baptized. Pick anything from the Bible story that impacted you or that you think is important.

Give the kids a set amount of time to post and tweet. Then ask who has a post or tweet for Jesus, Ananias, etc. that you would like to share?

Pivot Verse Activity

Pivot Verse: He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to Him.
Proverbs 2:8 NLT 

Whiteboard, marker and eraser
Pivot Verse Game Page PDF
Cardstock – one sheet per group of teams of 2-4 kids, plus extras
Paper clips – one per team
Gallon-size resealable bag to carry the strips

Write the Pivot Verse on the whiteboard
Optional: Prepare a PowerPoint/Keynote slide with the Pivot Verse
Print the Pivot Verse Game Page on cardstock – one page per team of 2-4 kids depending on class size
Cut out 8 individual slips from a page, shuffle them so they are in random order, but facing the same way, then paperclip the stack
Repeat this for each page        
Place the stacks of slips in the bag
Break the verse up and say 3-4 words then pause each time for the kids to repeat it.

In this verse, who are the just? (Those who love God and follow Jesus and His Word, those who trust Jesus as their Savior)
What does this verse say that God does for the just? (He guards them wherever they go)
In this verse, what is God’s promise to us when we are faithful? (He will protect us)

Wow, those are some awesome benefits to being faithful, right? Who doesn’t want to be guarded and protected these days?
People spend thousands of dollars on security systems and things to protect them. But, if they don’t love and serve God, they miss out on the ultimate security only God can give in this world and in heaven for eternity!

Now, let’s play a fun game to help us learn the Pivot Verse!
Say the Pivot Verse aloud with the class and then erase the board.

Divide the class into teams of 2-4 kids depending on class size. If any team has fewer children, players on that team may take an additional turn as necessary. Combine older and younger children on each team.
Each team stands separately around the room leaving a large area in the middle.  

Select one stack of Pivot Verse slips for each team.
Place the stacks face down on the floor and mix up in a large random pile.

The goal is for each team to find the correct slips and place them in order on the floor by each team.
Start the game. The first player for each team walks quickly to the pile of slips and picks up a slip to bring to the team.
When the player returns, the next player takes a turn and finds a different slip and returns. Repeat this for all 8 slips. They do not need to be selected in order!  
As the slips are found, the team begins to put them in order – the verse reference can be placed at the beginning or end.
Note: If a player selects a duplicate slip, it must be returned to the pile and another slip must be found by that same player.     
The first team to complete the verse in order and shout “BE FAITHFUL” – wins!

Gather the slips and play additional rounds if time allows.    

Optional Play
For a greater challenge, erase the board before the game. Play with the verse on or off the board. The slips must be selected from the pile in the correct order!  

Play with the verse on or off the board. The slips must be selected from the pile in the correct order!    

Pivot Skit #1 Info Al’s Vision AL-ligners

Sunglasses from Pivot Object
Al’s costume: cheesy sport coat, fedora hat, notepad, and pencil

Al dresses in costume including the sunglasses with the notepad and pencil in a pocket.   


Info Al enters/interrupts the class at a prearranged time.

Al: (salesman’s voice) Guess who? It’s Info Al, Scanning the globe to bring to you the World’s most unique, cutting edge products to help you cut corners and take shortcuts! Er, uh, I mean to help you apply today’s Bible truths!      

Teacher: (sarcastically) Oh great! Al, we all are wise enough to know there isn’t a shortcut to being faithful to God!  

Al: (oblivious to what was said) Thank you! I am always here to help!  

Teacher: Al, what’s with the shades inside the building?   

Al: (laughs) to the untrained eye they may look like ordinary sunglasses BUT (stops abruptly and looks like in a trance – listening carefully) I think maybe I am getting a vision.   

Teacher: STOP it Al. You are NOT getting a vision. That is serious stuff from God! 

Al:  Yes, I know! That is why you need Al’s Vision AL-igners. The shades that bring a vision into sharp focus! Ananias could have used these babies!  

Teacher: Oh come on – Ananias did hear God clearly. He didn’t need anything – especially like this scam you call Vision AL-igners!   

Al: Maybe, BUT… these are cool! Never be confused again with what you see and hear!

Teacher: Wait a minute, these are the sunglasses we’ve been using during today’s lesson! They aren’t AL-igners! This is one of those rip-off cutting corner gimmicks that do nothing but confuse today’s message!   

Al: Today and today only- If you buy the Vision AL-igners – you all will receive FREE for only $14.99, the… (Reaches in pocket and whips out the pad and pencil) exclusive Info Al’s Vision Log and Vision Scribe! 

Teacher (disgusted, shakes head in frustration) Vision Log and Scribe, are you kidding? It’s a simple pad of paper and a pencil for Pete’s sake!   

Al: This Bible story isn’t about Peter! Picture this… the vision becomes clear with the AL-igners…then you whip out your Vision Log and Vision Scribe to record every detail… like the address where Saul was waiting. Yes, this would have come in handy for Ananias. Instead of writing it on his robe, he could have written it on the Vision Log!  

Teacher: Oh come on, How do you know what Ananias did with the address? All I know is he got there – God led him the whole way! 

Al: Today only, you get the one-of-a-kind AL-igners, Vision Log, and scribe for only $59.95 plus shipping, handling, insurance and of course, the Vision Activation monthly fee! What a deal!   

Teacher: (Pushing Al out the door) That’s it, we’ve heard way too much! It’s time for you to go…now! 

Al: Remember the price goes up later today. I take all major credit cards…  

Pivot Skit #2: Nathan Newsworthy

Breaking News: Nathan is in Damascus to interview Ananias


Bible times clothing like robes, sandals, headwrap
Microphone (does not need to be functional)


Characters stand side by side. Nathan holds the microphone and then points it toward Ananias when he speaks. 

Nathan: Good day to all, Nathan Newsworthy reporting for BBC TV on Straight Street in Damascus. Something incredible has just happened! Good afternoon Ananias! 

Ananias: Pleasure to be here Nicholas.

Nathan: Uh, the name is Nathan. Can you tell us what happened today, I understand YOU went looking for Saul when all the other Christians ran and hid.       

Ananias: That’s right, I came to this house to find Saul. 

Nathan: What? But, but, he came to Damascus to arrest all of the Christians! Why on earth would you come to find him?

Ananias: God gave me in a vision. He told me to come and lay hands on Saul and to pray for him. Saul knew I was coming because God showed him a vision too! God is amazing Nicodemus.

Nathan: Uh, once again, my name is Nathan!  

Ananias: Gotcha! God knew I was faithful and He could depend on me. He trusted me to obey even before I said, yes!  At first I was like, are you kidding? I’m out! But, I listened to the Holy Spirit in my heart and decided to trust God, because He is always faithful. 

Nathan: How brave you are; that took courage! 

Ananias: It’s not about me,. I just did what God asked. God knew exactly where Saul was. He gave me the street address! Saul was blind and now he can see! Now he’s a Christian! Praise God!

Nathan: WHAT? No way! (Puts mic by his side totally blown away) But, but… he hates Christians! 

Ananias: He DID hate Christians. Saul was on the way over to Damascus to arrest us all. Then Jesus appeared as a light so bright that he fell to the ground. I’m not talking about a 60-watt lightbulb here, I’m talking brighter than the sun!

Nathan: That is simply incredible! What happened next?

Ananias: Jesus told Saul to stop fighting against Him and then he told Saul to come to this house in Damascus and wait! Saul was blinded by that light, and he waited alone for 3 days in the dark!     

Nathan: (still amazed) Well I, I … just can’t believe what I am hearing! Saul, a Christian…     

Ananias: Believe it, Newton, he’s now my brother in Christ He’s a brand-new man! 

Nathan: Uh, the name is Nathan, not Newton. So what happens now?

Ananias: Saul is gonna preach the Gospel. He is changed and loves Jesus!

Nathan: I am stunned… in shock! This is the most amazing news… Saul is now a follower of Jesus!

This is Nathan Newsworthy saying…just when you think you know somebody, you find out you don’t know anything! Remember to be faithful like Ananias!  God is counting on you to trust Him.       

Ananias: You got it Nelson, just trust God and you can’t go wrong!

The two men walk away

Nathan: (as they walk) Ananias, my name is Nathan… not Newton, Nicholas, Nicodemus or any other name, it’s Nathan!  

Pivot Deeper

Bibles (printed or App – I recommend the free Superbook Bible App)  

Have kids look up Psalm 118:8. Help as needed. Consider pairing younger kids and those unfamiliar with the Bible, with kids with more advanced Bible skills.

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8 (NKJV)

Have a volunteer read the verse aloud. If kids have different Bible versions – compare the different translations for greater insight.  
Discussion starters: (add your own questions!) 

  • Have you ever had to choose between trusting in a person or trusting in God?  What did you do? How did it work out? 
  • Is it easier to trust in people or God? Why?
  • I wonder if Ananias had friends or fellow believers advise him of what to do with Saul. What do you think they might have said?
  • What if you were a friend to Ananias; what do you think your advice to him would have been?
  • Why is it dangerous to trust other people instead of putting your trust in God’s Word when facing a difficult decision or situation?     

Discussion based on the lesson text. (Acts 9: 9-19)

  • Name a mission today that God might send someone your age on. 
  • Has God ever told you to do something – go somewhere – help someone? 
  • Have you trusted God even when you were unsure or frightened? 
  • If you were Ananias, do you think you would have trusted God and obeyed?  Please explain.   
  • What can get in the way of hearing God’s voice?   

End in prayer by praying with the kids. Ask God to speak to their heart through His word in the Bible. Challenge the kids to listen to God and accept any mission He gives them to do.

Level Up (Take-Home Challenge)

Level Up Challenge Page (PDF)

Click the link above to view, download, and print the Level Up Challenge Page.
Make one copy for each child plus extras.    

Give a Level Up Challenge Page to each child at the end of class to take home.  

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